Daewoo Motor

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If you are looking for Daewoo Motors you should know that they were sold to General Motors in 2001. For a while they are called GM Daewoo, but since 2011 they are now know as GM Korea.

Daewoo Motor was founded in 1937.

While Daewoo’s never had much success in the United States, they certainly paved the way for other Korean cars such as Hyundai, Kia and Proto and Samsung (source:

I personally really like the look of the new Hyundai models myself and may get one in the near future.

Daewoo Motor were very important South-Korean a motorcar company which is established in 1967. They produced small and fun compact auto’s at a time restricted for before encountering financial problems and going bankrupt.

In their successful days, Daewoo Motor were bound as highest in the South-Korean government both financially and political. At present, Daewoo still active in the different industries, but General Motor engines have many of their car-mobile departments which have been bought now out independently.

Automobile of GM Daewoo; GM Daewoo takes great pride in the fundamental role in the development of small total automobiles for GM around the globe.