No chance to reunite, remembering those once brilliant car brands
No chance to reunite, remembering those once brilliant car brands
  • June 20, 2023

After entering year 2000, many car brands went bankrupt one after another, including Hummer, Saab, Pontiac, Daewoo, Saturn, Plymouth, Spyker, etc. Communicate with everyone and cherish memory of these car brands that will never did not meet us again.

Hammer 1992-2010

Hummer is a military brand that was once known as king of SUVs, most people's impression of it is, thank you, associated with large military vehicles in US. In 1992, Am General released a civilian vehicle HMMWV for military vehicles.< /p>

The version of car is called HUMMER, which means "Hummer" in translation.

No chance to reunite, remembering those once brilliant car brands

In 1980, AMG received an order from US military to produce military vehicles. HMMWV military vehicles were widely used by US military during war in Afghanistan and in Gulf War. The outstanding performance of Hummer immediately made it famous. there is a war, there is United States. Where there is United States, there is a Hummer. As a US war machine, Hammer is model that has seen action in most of world's wars. The Hammer was born for war, so design did not take into account fuel consumption, appearance, interior and comfort at all.

However, since Hummer is designed for needs of army by its nature, within 10 years after Hummer launched civilian vehicles, due to rough assembly, large body, high fuel consumption and other reasons, this brand is not popular with consumers . When global financial crisis hit in 2008, GM couldn't protect itself, so it planned to shut down Hummer brand. Tengzhong Heavy Industry acquired Hummer from GM, which ended in failure: Tengzhong Heavy Industry abandoned Hummer. The brand disappeared in 2010 after a failed merger. However, it can still be found on domestic used car market.

Saab 1937-2011

Saab Motor Company originated from Swedish Aircraft Co., Ltd., which was established in 1937 and began developing Saab cars in 1944. From 1950s to 1970s was his most glorious period, he not only won a lot of civilian car sales. But after GM completed its acquisition of Saab in 2000, no new models were introduced and it was sold to automaker Spyker in 2010.

No chance to reunite, remembering those once brilliant car brands

Saab's year at Spyker, however, was not a turning point. Spyker struggled to produce cars due to lack of funds and parts, and Saab's annual sales also fell to 32,000 vehicles. In December 2011, Saab officially filed for bankruptcy in a Swedish court, and after some twists and turns, was acquired by Swedish National Electric Vehicle Company.

It is worth noting that NEVS, Sweden's national electric vehicle company, is an international consortium formed by Japanese, Swedish and Chinese shareholders. The consortium will set up a new automotive joint venture in Trollhättan, Sweden.

Pontiac 1899-2010

Pontiac is an American brand unfamiliar to domestic drivers. Pontiac is a relatively small subsidiary of General Motors, others include Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac. , Oldsmobile, Saturn.

No chance to reunite, remembering those once brilliant car brands

Its predecessor was Oakland Motor Company (Oakland) in 1907, and in 1931 it was transformed into Pontiac. Pontiac was first established in 1899 and officially acquired by General Motors in 1909. In 1960s, Pontiac produced many classic models, including Pontiac GTO, Firebird, Bonneville, and so on. It is understood that in 1969 Pontiac sales reached 140,000 vehicles, which at time ranked third in United States.

From 1970s to 1980s, hit by global energy crisis, Pontiac began to seek transformation. It no longer focused on large-displacement and muscle cars, but turned to small and medium-sized family car market. . However, after 1990s, due to GM's single platform strategy, Pontiac models are little different from other GM models and lack features.

In 2009, affected by financial crisis, General Motors filed for bankruptcy protection, and Pontiac, Hummer, Saab and other brands were announced to be cancelled. The Pontiac brand with lowest sales rate. In future, GM will retain only four brands: Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC.

Pontiac models were discontinued at end of 2010. Pontiac sales have already fallen from a record high of nearly 1 million vehicles built in 1968 to less than 200,000 vehicles a year, less than 1% of GM's total sales. At this point, 102-year-old Pontiac disappeared.

Daewoo 1967-2011

Daewoo once created myth of instant success in global automotive industry. It took less than 20 years from its founding to becoming one of giants in automotive industry. Come with great pride and glory. But perhaps there is a weak foundation behind rapid development. Today, Daewoo, "skyscraper", collapsed so unexpectedly - due to insolvency and mismanagement, Daewoo, South Korea's second-largest car manufacturer, The car company filed for bankruptcy on November 8. 2000.

No chance to reunite, remembering those once brilliant car brands

In 1997, a financial crisis broke out in South Korea, as a result of which Daewoo Group filed for bankruptcy in 2000. During this period, Daewoo was negotiating with many world-famous auto giants for sale. In 2002, GM officially acquired Daewoo brand and established GM Daewoo Auto Technology Company in Seoul, South Korea. After being acquired by GM, Daewoo started producing mid-range and budget models on same platform as Chevrolet and Buick, still using Daewoo logo in South Korea and Chevrolet and Buick logos in Europe and US. Strictly speaking, Daewoo is known, but not known.