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If you are looking for Daewoo Motors you should know that they were sold to General Motors in 2001. For a while they are called GM Daewoo, but since 2011 they are now know as GM Korea.

Daewoo Motor was founded in 1937.

While Daewoo’s never had much success in the United States, they certainly paved the way for other Korean cars such as Hyundai, Kia and Proto and Samsung

I personally really like the look of the new Hyundai models myself and may get one in the near future.

Daewoo Motor were very important South-Korean a motorcar company which is established in 1967. They produced small and fun compact auto’s at a time restricted for before encountering financial problems and going bankrupt.

In their successful days, Daewoo Motor were bound as highest in the South-Korean government both financially and political. At present, Daewoo still active in the different industries, but General Motor engines have many of their car-mobile departments which have been bought now out independently.

Automobile of GM Daewoo; GM Daewoo takes great pride in the fundamental role in the development of small total automobiles for GM around the globe.


Korean car with American brand sold in China with a circulation of 2.68 million units!

This article was originally created by Zhang Wenjun of Autohome, authored by Chen Xinxin, please credit, welcome to Moments. The car market is similar to Three Kingdoms in Time of Troubles. Some brands were once shiny, but in end...

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Bankruptcy in 1990s, but Daewoo concept car is still ahead?

Speaking of Daewoo Motors, some young people may not have heard of it. Daewoo was one of three largest car companies in South Korea, as famous as Hyundai and Kia. Later, due to rapid expansion and 1997 Asian financial crisis, Daew...

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Top ten automakers in world

1. Germany Global industry status: Germany is birthplace of modern cars in world and country with longest history of car production. Since Karl Benz invented first automobile in 1886, German automotive industry has gone through o...

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Cars owned and resold in those years - Daewoo Noble 2000

Daewoo Noble is a mid-size car produced by Korean automaker Daewoo from 1990 to 1997. The car is based on GM J platform. The unique body shape is equipped with a 1.5-1.8-2.0 liter Holden engine. Noble was replaced by Daewoo Elegan...

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Practically made in China 丨 Millennium imported civil car, Korea Daewoo Lanos T100

Record interesting cars around you South Korea Daewoo Motors has been active in China for a period of time around turn of millennium. At that time, imported Daewoo mainly had three car models, namely cheapest compact Lanos models,...

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Understand history of South Korea's auto industry (3) Don't underestimate power of South Korea

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A deep understanding of history of Korean auto industry (2) Entering North America and China

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Deep understanding of history of Korean auto industry (1) Incredibly fast growth

It is undeniable that films "Changjin Lake", "Shuimen Bridge" and "Sniper" wrote about epic victory of volunteers, and also revived enthusiasm of young people in a new era to reimagine that period of history. . Behind works of art...

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After 35 years, this famous Korean car company has changed its name

According to media reports, on March 22, South Korean company Ssangyong Motors held a regular shareholder meeting and accepted a proposal to change name of company, confirming that name of company will be changed to "KG MOBILITY"....

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